PÜNCT is out!

PÜNCT is out! This game has just been published.

Pünct is the final game in the fantastic Gipf Project. This project is a series (actually, six) of abstract strategy games, all independent, yet interrelated. Abstract strategy games sometimes have the reputation of being dry, boring, hard to learn, geeky (think chess). The Gipf games are none of these.

NB: Edward de Bono dislikes chess because he feels that it is complex for complexity's sake (see my previous posting). I tend to agree.

These games are all very easy to learn, can be played with pretty much anyone, and can be played at many different levels. You realize the depths of the game only with replay, though you don't need to know them to have fun.

Each of the games in the series have a unique play mechanic that makes the game stand out, even from other similar games. In my mind the most unique is Tamsk , where you need to manipulate time as part of the gameplay.

Perhaps the most interesting twist in the Gipf Project is the use of potentials, where special pieces may be used with Gipf (the flagship game of the series, and my favourite) that tie in with the other games. All the pieces are very simple and do only one thing. They may be added in pretty much any combination, and yet dramatically change the game. It's a pity that more people don't play with the potentials, because they really are a stroke of genius.

If anything could be called a magnum opus in the gaming world for achievement by a game designer, this would be it for Kris Burm.

My copy of Pünct is already on order to complete my Gipf Project collection. I have no doubt it will be played often.