Nahoo? Yahoo!

You have no idea what I'm talking about!

Yes, well here they are, the CDs that I've been looking for for quite some time. Those CDs are: Nahoo, Nahoo Too [sic] and Nahoo 3: Notes from the Republic. Nahoo Too is still in the mail somewhere, but 1 and 3 have arrived. These CDs are by Paul Mounsey, who is all but unknown in North America. I first heard about him on CKUA, the Alberta Public Radio Station during the wonderful Celtic Show.

I found the album from the radio announcer for the track I heard, which turned out to be the album Proterra by Runrig, a Scottish folk/rock band that Mounsey teamed up with for Proterra.

Paul Mounsey is a Scottish born guy who decided to move to Brazil for a little stint (and marriage as well). Along the way he picked up several new musical styles, which I guess you could call Brazilian-Scottish fusion, for want of a better term, though even that doesn't really do it justice. There really is no way to explain it unless you hear it. If I can find a website that has some music samples I'll post a link here.

Back to the story: the Proterra album didn't have the song I wanted, despite what the radio announcer said and the difficulty I had in getting it. I was an excllent album, though. I've been looking for his Nahoo series of albums, where Mounsey is fronting the whole thing, in the hopes that I could find my mystery track.

Unfortunately these CDs are very difficult to find in North America, so it's taken a while to get a hold of them. I am very glad they came, and I am listening to the first one as I type.

It's a very good album. I don't know how to classify it. Sometimes I think Enya, then Braveheart, then Moby, then Hadhirgaan, then Spirit of the West, then Buckwheat Zydeco, then I don't know what.

And lo and behold, I've found it! The mystery track is called "Alba" and it sounds great!

It was worth the effort.

Now I'm wondering what's on Nahoo 3.

Here are some notes on the Nahoo project.

Oh yeah, I failed to mention his album City of Walls, which I acquired when I got Proterra. It is similarly excellent.

Check him out of you have a chance.